Top 5 lists!



Nothing like a top 5 list to make ya smile! so here’s a few…

Top 5 things to plan for the holidays!


  1. WHO- Find out who is coming this year and if anyone has food allergies!
  2. WHAT- Assign dishes so everyone’s included.
  3. WHERE- Who’s hosting this year’s holiday gala?
  4. WHEN- Respect the Host and/or Hostess by having a set time of arrival.
  5. WHY- Make some fun plans to create a memorable party. See more on Pinterest!


Top 5 things to destress your day before it even starts…

  1. Wake up 15 mins. early so you have some “me time” before your busy day starts.
  2. Drink a big glass of water before your coffee. Hydration is key for a happy body.
  3. EAT BREAKFAST! Your brain needs power to wake up and have an awesome day!
  4. Don’t worry about your outfit, makeup, and hair so much… remember people like you for you.
  5. Count your blessings! Be thankful for what you DO have.


Top 5 fun brain builders…

  1. 2.




Top 5 things to do while you’re waiting…

  1. Close your eyes and listen! It’s amazing what you can hear and imagine when you focus.
  2. Plan your next hour. Then you’ll be extra organized and make up for the lost time.
  3. Find the rhythm! Tap your toe to any beat you hear and let your mind wander in song. If you’re extra inclined, you can add some thigh slappin’!
  4. Excercise you brain. Even twiddling your thumbs without touching them is a good brain teaser!
  5. Try to say the alphabet backwards! Good luck!




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