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These blogs help you focus on what YOU need in life, and hopefully will leave you feeling empowered.

Living on island time

I hope that you use some of these tactics for embracing an “Island Time” lifestyle. Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and disease so be kind to yourself and unwind a little, just like on the islands!

Do you like serving customers?

It’s amazing to me how many businesses are really going the extra mile when it comes to customer service. Car dealerships are bending over backwards for a good review and google specialists wont stop until the problem is solved. It’s also mind-boggling how so…

Marriage Insurance

Dance has so many benefits! But did you know its a great investment for your marriage???

Making Adult Friends

Living in a marina deep in the San Juan Islands allows you to meet people of all walks of life daily. I’m consistently reminded of my high school cafeteria days because some of us never really grow up. You’ve got the popular crowd that…


It seems logical to start a new blog with an explanation of the crazy name chain weeba. However, being this is the first post on my first blog ever and i am not normal or logical most of the time, I will save that…

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