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These blogs help you focus on what YOU need in life, and hopefully will leave you feeling empowered.

Are you a true sailor?

A true story of overcoming fears you didn’t even know you had!

“The path is wherever the wind takes us”

What a crazy start to 2019! Along with the usual lose weight, quit bad habits, and do more good resolutions, we have been in serious work mode! We started noticing last December, that our mast was inverted (leaning forward) and that is not a… Continue Reading ““The path is wherever the wind takes us””

When you’re not sailing into the sunset.

As I sit here and listen to a home schooling video about architecture and how buttresses act like a beautiful piece of d├ęcor on a infamous building, that made me realize that the building blocks of our life are so similar. We strive for… Continue Reading “When you’re not sailing into the sunset.”

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