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These blogs help you focus on what YOU need in life, and hopefully will leave you feeling empowered.

Losing the fear

There are so many reasons why people have fear. Heights, spiders, and driving in the snow can all be scary things, but why do we let that fear override the joy of nature? It’s an amazing feeling to conquer a mountain hike and stand… Continue Reading “Losing the fear”

Summertime Blues???

It’s so true! There is definitely something to be said about that last month of summer when your kids are tired of the slip n’ slide, board of walking the beach, and have had way to much screen time for a healthy human brain,… Continue Reading “Summertime Blues???”

Put yourself out there!

Living on a sailboat brings constant change. Change of neighbors, change of scenery, change of comfort zones! But the thing that means the most is the change in your “you time”! There’s many people out there that fear the thought of change more than… Continue Reading “Put yourself out there!”

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