Losing the fear

There are so many reasons why people have fear. Heights, spiders, and driving in the snow can all be scary things, but why do we let that fear override the joy of nature? It’s an amazing feeling to conquer a mountain hike and stand at what feels like the top of the world, or see a glistening spiderweb in the cool, morning dew. And do I even need to clarify the beauty of a fresh powdery wonderland? These little things in life that cause fear can be the very thing that make life special!

Children can teach us so much about living life fearlessly. They leap into the boat of adventure and sail off without ever looking back! Getting dirty and being loud are never a concern, and it seems that life is so packed full of fun that they are constantly RUNNING to the next exciting moment! What an awesome way to live life!!!

Being a parent of a very courageous young lad is teaching me to slow down and let his little discoveries fuel his love of nature and science! It’s also brought on this new faze of saying “no” on a regular basis. This is a necessary evil because children need boundaries to keep them safe, but the “no” faze is now developing new challenges. Teaching our son to say “no” to himself has been a fear filled adventure all on its own!

Paddle boarding freedom!

There are many moments where I desperately wish there was a cut and dry parenting handbook to guide us in raising a respectful and happy child, but there’s not! With or without this elusive book of knowledge, I’m realizing that it’s MY fears that hold my son back from realizing his own. I know this sounds a little crazy, but if he never gets in the water, he’ll never learn to swim!

Reaching out to past generations has also reminded me that children need to feel like they are responsible for themselves to actually be responsible for themselves. Now for a overprotective mother this can be quite the challenge and a huge source of fear! I do however, have a helpful tip in this department. I focus on looking at life through the eyes of my child. Getting excited about his discoveries has opened up a whole new world of adventure for both of us because instead of being the overprotective Mom, I’m taking the role of a friend who wants to be part of the adventure! This role allows me to not only be there for my son in an emergency but also see first hand how wonderfully silly and creative he is!

Captain Walker and Skipper Momma!

It’s a fine line we walk with our children but if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s the love of sharing an awesome experience with someone we deeply care about!

Every parent wants there child to grow into a productive and happy adult and therefore we must show them how. Being their role model is one of the best ways to do this and it makes our adult life more fun! Show your children, and yourself that fear will not ruin your chance for an amazingly fun experience! You may be surprised how well they start to listen when you are listening to them in return. Let them lead you to new experiences and dive in… you may find you still have a little kid in yourself as well!

Mom’s new love! Paddle boarding! Thank you Walker D.

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