Summertime Blues???

It’s so true! There is definitely something to be said about that last month of summer when your kids are tired of the slip n’ slide, board of walking the beach, and have had way to much screen time for a healthy human brain, this can be a very difficult problem to remedy. So here are a few tips and tricks to help squeeze every last bit of fun out of the summer season!

  1. Ask them what there favorites are. (Stick to the 5 senses)
  • Sight – favorite color
  • Sound- favorite silly voice
  • Touch- favorite toy
  • Taste- favorite food
  • Smell- favorite smell

Now with this information have them make a talk show with other siblings or their favorite toy. They can dress up in their favorite color, use they’re silly voice, talk about food, smells, and anything else they want while you (or a tripod) records it! Kids love watching themselves on video so this should produce hours of fun!

  • 2. Play “Chopped” home edition!
    • Like the cooking show, give them 5 key ingredients to make a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
      They can use other ingredients as well, but the key ingredients must be the star!
      The parent or oldest sibling can play the host and interview them/ supervise them as they create.
      Then everyone gets to vote for their favorite dish.
      The winner could receive a 5 min. “Chill session” while the other contestants clean up.

    3. Have a garage sale.

    • Most kids are money motivated so have them make a mess of their rooms by getting everything out and making piles of what they want to keep and what they want to sell. They could use the money to have an end of the summer party for their friends, purchase a new toy, or go to a movie or theme park.

    4. Rearranging challenge!

    • Challenge your children to rearrange their rooms in a new way!
    • Give them a checklist of requirements to follow…

    1. Floor must be clean

    2. Toys must be organized

    3. Widows and doors can’t be


    4. Be creative!

    • As long as all your requirements are met, let them keep their newly designed room this way for at least a week. It will be awesome to see how their little engineering brains work!

    5. Outdoor Obstacle course!

    • Give them permission to use items from their rooms to create an obstacle course.
    • Dirty clothes can outline a running path
    • A box can act as a hurdle.
    • A jump rope tied to 2 trees can be a limbo bar.
    • They can run in flippers to the next task.
    • The possibilities are endless!!!
    • This game can also lead back to the rearranging their rooms game when it’s time to clean up.

    Our super bored kids are full of creativity if we help spark an idea of how to use it! Good luck and enjoy this beautiful season!

    Check out more ideas here!

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