Put yourself out there!

Living on a sailboat brings constant change. Change of neighbors, change of scenery, change of comfort zones! But the thing that means the most is the change in your “you time”! There’s many people out there that fear the thought of change more than a big old spider crawling over the arm of your couch. But I’m here to tell you that your wasting your time worring about what “might happen” and that if your not careful, you might miss the possibility of something great happening.

This last season brought with it many challenges that to say the least… were unexpected. Starting with the realization that we were going to have to de-mast our sailboat and run new rigging and wind instruments by ourselves! We spent many hours researching and learning that the information super highway doesn’t have much to say on the topic of D.I.Y. rigging. But none the less, this was a project that had to get done and we didn’t have 25K to spend on it. To make a long story short… we found a shipyard that was willing to work with us and after all was said and done they even offered my husband a job! Love these island people 🙂 At the time, we were super overwhelmed with this make it or break it situation, which turned out to be a true blessing in disguise!

By having this “misfortune” we found a great place to work, met people who would soon lead us to our next home port, and became more confident than we could ever imagine with the inner workings of our home.

This one mishap saved us years of researching our vessel, as well as many unconfident sailing expeditions filled with arguments over what line to pull when and what to do with it once you pulled it! Now I don’t recommend running down to the docks and tackling this huge feet on your own, because that would be crazy! But I do recommend letting this one little story help you realize what you’ve been putting off because of fearing the unknown. Don’t try to be a know-it-all but do try to learn something new by putting yourself out there. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by who you meet and how helpful people really are, as well as how capable you can be when you put your mind to something you really desire.

We all have the capacity to do great things! I find my strength through my faith, but whatever works for you is the right way to get the job done… you only have to decide to do it! Good luck, and please share with me what your next step toward change is!

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