“The path is wherever the wind takes us”

What a crazy start to 2019! Along with the usual lose weight, quit bad habits, and do more good resolutions, we have been in serious work mode! We started noticing last December, that our mast was inverted (leaning forward) and that is not a good thing! My husband Nick dove right into the project and quickly discovered that we needed to do one of the most costly and challenging projects you could ever do on a sailboat… rigging!

Now after reading a few of my posts you might be wondering if there’s a twist in this story that ends with grand blessing… well you were wondering for a good reason because this one is GOOD!

After a ton of research, Nick found a shipyard just on the other side of the bay that would allow us to do some of the work ourselves because we also found out that if we paid someone to do the job it would be over $17K, and that was not an option. So Nick went to the shipyard to get everything set up and came home with a job offer! I couldn’t believe it! Not the fact that they offered Nick a job because that happens to him on a monthly basis (diesel mechanics are in high demand), but because they would be losing money from us as clients. From a business standpoint it just didn’t make sense. Regardless, he gladly accepted the job and this great group of guys helped us learn and grow in ways we never saw coming.

Removing the mast at
Jensens shipyard

This project has once again reminded me why I’m so enamored with my husband and inspired to be the best Captain I can be.

Nick learned from a work associate how to properly cut and secure the rigging in an afternoon and singlehandedly finished without any mishaps as well as replacing all the electrical wires, wind instruments, lights, and replacing all of the pieces (chain plates) the rigging attaches to on the boat in one week. I swear there is nothing this man can’t accomplish! Kuddos to you babe!

With everything ready to go we cautiously proceeded with returning the mast to it’s proper place… IN THE BOAT! (It’s hard to have a big hole in the middle of your roof in winter!) And our new friend, Lenny taught us how to properly tune our rig to really make her sail.

That’s Lenny at the top of the mast!
Wow that’s high!
Putting the mast back in. At least we didn’t have snow on this leg of the journey 🙂

With the mast up and the rig solid, now it was time to test her out! Or more appropriately, test me out. And I was nervous!!! I have no excuse now… if I don’t feel comfortable captaining this boat under sail, then I don’t know what we would do. Knowing that I can’t run from my fears we untied from the dock and set out to wherever the wind might takes us for the day…


I felt calm and comfortable as we slowly cruised through the San Juan Channel playing with our different sails and learning about trimming and finding the groove. I feel like this path of adventure and learning is right on the money and being in-tune with nature, ourselves, and God makes the most incredible things happen.

I’m learning to embrace our hardships because they always lead to knowledge, new friends, and eventually the right path shows itself through the hard work and dedication. The hard times make you and your faith stronger!

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