In a fog?

20141007_104301-1Fall in the Pacific Northwest is known as a time of true beauty. Colors of yellow, orange, red, and green paint the landscape and remind us all to stop and take in the natural splendor that is Washington State. With this time of year also comes the fog, wind, and rain! And let me tell you… there’s a lot of that! Many Pacific North westerners are on a steady Vitamin D regimen that’s pretty much the norm.

As the experts call it, SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder and is now considered a major depression disorder. SAD happens with seasonal changes and effects most people during the winter months. It brings on the feelings of hopelessness, and a loss of love for one’s self and life. Sounds horrible! I’ve found some great links on this study below and urge all of us to study up on this subject so we never have to let those feelings control our lives.

With all this research on what makes us chemically sad, I feel like we have more than a fighting chance to conquer this demon once and for all! Let us go sailing!!! Or anything really where our senses are awakened by nature’s fury instead of letting it trap us with our own fear. There are so many ways to get out of the fog.

  • Skiing
  • Sledding
  • Snow shoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Simply taking a walk

All of these things take some sort of winter gear, jacket, snow pants, hat, gloves, and boots for starters. But these are not as expensive to get as one thinks. There are countless second-hand stores and used sporting goods stores but the best places to frequent for winter gear are ski swaps! They have everything from snowshoes to snow bikes and all the gear you could possibly imagine (and some of it is brand new) all for at least 50% off! And usually the proceeds go to the local mountains or organizations in the community. Though some of these have all ready happened, here’s a list of just a few in the state of Washington.

For Skiing and snowboarding I highly recommend the app for They have all the deals listed for each mountain in Eastern Washing and Northern Idaho so it makes a big difference on the budget. In Eastern Washington I usually go to each Mountains individual site or use For snowshoeing, check on They have a whole snowshoe package for under $150 and though I’ve never tried them myself… my very active neighbor said they work great!


·       Sailing

Soon to be captain!

This is the prime time of year for this sport, when you’ve got a steady 10-20 knot wind that provides endless afternoons of adrenalin pumping joy! The actual fog is an issue for boaters but trust me, just get down to the water and start running through your pre trip checklist and by the time your all battened down the sun will be poking through the clouds just pointing you toward happiness.




·       Hiking on the beach

Your definitely not going to be working on your tan at any northwest beach past September but the magic is always there! Wildlife is even more present when there’s less people and up in the San Juans it’s prime whale and bald eagle watching season! You can find countless shells and other gems for homemade Christmas gifts which you can find ideas for on pinterest. Here’s a list of our favorite walking beaches…

·       Eastern Washington

  • Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park (link)
  • Riverfront Park
  • Little Spokane river
  • Liberty Lake
  • Fish Lake trail
  • Centennial trail starting at Mirabeau Park heading east

·       Western Washington

Most importantly remember that you’re worth spending a little money on to have an amazing winter season! Now that you know it doesn’t cost a fortune and there’s a number of different cold weather opportunities, it’s up to you to summon your inner courage and get out there!

Please leave a comment with more ideas of blowing away that seasonal fog!

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