Month: October 2018

Cycling through awesomeness!

Bicycling is one of my family’s most enjoyable past times! It’s something we can all do together that’s a healthy, challenging, and fun activity. We frequent skate parks, neighborhood streets and mountain terrain all year long. But we came to a large snag during… Continue Reading “Cycling through awesomeness!”

Top 5 things to do while waiting…

Top 5 things to do while you’re waiting… Close your eyes and listen! It’s amazing what you can hear and imagine when you focus. Plan your next hour. Then you’ll be extra organized and make up for the lost time. Find the rhythm! Tap… Continue Reading “Top 5 things to do while waiting…”

Living on island time

I hope that you use some of these tactics for embracing an “Island Time” lifestyle. Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and disease so be kind to yourself and unwind a little, just like on the islands!

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