Tiny kitchen Must have’s

Are you thinking of embracing the wave of the future, and daring the thought of tiny living? Maybe you’ve already made the leap and are enjoying the freedoms of lower mortgage and utility payments, as well as having less to furnish and therefore less to clean. Either way, there are some hardships when it comes to cramming a normal size life into a small space, especially in the kitchen.

The galley on our boat is an “L” shape that’s about 6 foot long by 4 foot wide. There is an ice-box (refrigerator) and two burner propane stove with a tiny oven on the long side, and a storage compartment and sink on the short. I’ve got two cabinets and a shelf for storage as well as five drawers.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a very tiny space by anyone’s standards to house all of the things needed to sustain a financially and physically healthy diet. But it’s not as hard as you think!

I eat restaurant quality food everyday!

Here’s how…

Pressure cooker-

      • I use my


    • 4 quart pressure cooker every day! Not only does it help me not steam up my entire home, it cooks quickly and efficiently every time! It’s also really easy to find recipes and how to’s online!


Hanging nets or baskets-

    • You don’t want to clutter your valuable counter space with fancy bowls of fruit or platters of artesian bread, but those things are very tasty so why not hang them in the sky! Utilizing your vertical space is a must! So get some drywall anchors and hooks and start hanging your favorite snacks! You can also hang a basket on the wall for recycling or mail.

Everything’s better in a hammock!


    • Using a teapot is about a lot more than your favorite cup of chai, it’s a way of life. I buy certain ingredients like minute rice, rice noodles, or quick oats knowing that all I have to do is add hot water. When you only have a 2 burner stove, you have to get creative


  • Coffee strainer-
      This amazing little plastic cone of goodness and a paper filter is all you need! Your coffee is fresh every time and it saves so much space.

Imagine how much money we could save by just making our own coffee!  


  • Dish drying mat-
      When you have the privilege of being the washer of your own dishes… You must have a handy-dandy dish drying mat! I personally prefer a micro fiber type of mat I can hang to dry and roll up for easy storage.

  • 4 cup Measuring cup with a lid- This versatile bowl can be used for measuring, storing any tasty leftovers, baking, and huge late night bowls of cereal! It’s the best thing ever to have a handle on your mixing bowl!


  • Cast iron deep skillet with lid- The number one Reason to have a cast-iron skillet is for the flavor! But this skillet is so nice because you can move it from the stove top to the oven, even to the barbecue with a couple pot holders. You can cook anything from pizza to chocolate chip cookies to soups and sauces.


  • The most important thing to have in a tiny kitchen is common sense!               You know you’re not having a dinner party for 12 in your little house so don’t keep all of the stuff to do so. I have eight medium size plates, eight bowls, and enough silverware for the lot because we can entertain about 6 people comfortably. So when we have a nice sit down dinner with the table set for 6 I still have 2 plates and bowls left for serving. This way of life is not hard by any means. It just takes a little planning and organizational skills to keep it running smoothly. It always feels great to do more with less so with these simple tools you can have a fresh and healthy diet and outlook on life.

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