Making Adult Friends

Living in a marina deep in the San Juan Islands allows you to meet people of all walks of life daily. I’m consistently reminded of my high school cafeteria days because some of us never really grow up.

You’ve got the popular crowd that looks really good, but might not have a handle on how to actually drive a boat. Then there’s always the partiers! The let’s drink too much and wake up the whole marina up at 3 AM when we jump in the 50° water people. And of course the dropouts, who just live on a boat because it’s cheap. They don’t actually care if it runs, or even floats in some cases! Regardless of the clique, I hope we’ve all learned something from that awkward time of life. That we all crave companionship.

It’s a natural human need to belong to something bigger than yourself. As an adult we get so weighted down with the duties of our social tiers that we forget how to simply make a friend. To walk up to somebody and say, “Hi! My name is Rachelle. Want to get a cup of coffee or lunch?” It’s honestly that easy!

Honest intentions are all you need to break the ice, and get to know this new friend.






Remember back to grade school when your story had to be composed of these five simple questions? Well making a new friend is no different. Ask them their story and genuinely listen. If you have a common interest then you’re set, and if not… Move On! It’s just that easy. If someone is put off by your questions then you probably wouldn’t end up being friends anyway. So treat it like recess, if Tommy doesn’t want to play tetherball then ask someone else.

The great thing about getting out and having a real face-to-face conversation with someone you don’t know is that you have to think on your feet and stand by your opinions. Also a very important human need. To be heard and understood! It’s your chance to share your knowledge as well.

Just keep the conversation light and easy!

Even if your to your limit of friends, this is a great practice to be in in general. When you know the people you will see often with a little more clarity, your everyday, mundane routines can be brought to life again by the company of others involved. So look up when you walk and smile at people! They may think you’re a weirdo, but at least you’re happy one!

Remember that life has a way of throwing you a line when you least expect it, but you have to be out there to catch it!

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