It seems logical to start a new blog with an explanation of the crazy name chain weeba. However, being this is the first post on my first blog ever and i am not normal or logical most of the time, I will save that till I get a little more accustomed to word press and writing. Its such a great story. The least I can do is save that gem for when i get better at writing.

Witch brings me to my next opening topic and the motivation to do this writing. My family. To teach my little man to be a real man and try to help people find a way in a scary world. I am a person who spends way to long thinking about stuff before i act. Im great at procrastinating but in my short time I’ve learned that things i know are useful to other people. So hear i am trying to get off my ass and put a piece of me out there.

A little about myself… Im not a great writer. Im a automotive mechanic by day. My wife and i used to live on a smalish sailboat in the puget sound. We miss it everyday. Part of this will be our journy back to that life. Part of this will be me working on being better. Started working out again today since i singed my wife, son and i up for a 12k. So from hear out my posts should be a bit more focused on what ever topic and i would love any positive feedback is out there. Thanks

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